Friday, November 22, 2013

What is the typical State Department hiree?

What are the demographics of a the incoming State Department recruits? Details are few and far between but there are glimpses. From the 2013 Foreign Service Officer Test and Oral Assessment Study Guide, published by ADAR Review, on the 2000 orientation class.
  • Average age: 33
  • 64% male; 36% female
  • 57% married; 43% single
  • Youngest: 25; oldest: 55
  • 100% with a Bachelors degree; 60% with a Masters, an equivalent, or higher
  • 61% have worked overseas
  • 59% have studied abroad
  • Average candidate knew 1.7 languages
As reported in FY2011, the gender gap for the Foreign Service Generalists was...
  • 60.7% male; 39.3% female
I suspect that this gap will continue to diminish as the older, predominantly male, generation of diplomats retires. When I took the FSOT, I would say that very close to half of the people in the room were female, but maybe one or two more men. In my study group for the OA, half are female. Obviously neither anecdotes are statistically significant, but it may be a positive indication that the tide is (gradually) changing.

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