Thursday, November 21, 2013

My favorite blogs...

There are a plethora of blogs about the Foreign Service. Here are some of my favorites:
  1. Future DiplomatPeace Corps volunteer in Guatemala. Just passed her OA on 24 October so stay tuned to see the details. Female. Knows Spanish. Young. Not sure what else.
  2. You Can Call Me Al – Early 30s Diplomat in Frankfurt, Germany. Previously Belize. Began blogging at the start of A-100. Former lawyer. His earliest posts are the most interesting.
  3. You Can't Get There From Here Goes by "Valdysses." Probably late 20s. Going to be in China. Took him over a year and a half to get into A-100. Began blogging before taking the FSOT. Really good info. Hasn't updated since 2012 however.
  4. Mission: Foreign Service – Brandee. Obsessed with Foreign Service. Made it to Register her first time, ranked 53/100 with a 5.3 on the OA but was never selected from the Register. When demands from family take precedence over her life, she eventually gives up on the dream. A blog with a sad ending.
  5. TumbleweedsDiplomat somehwere. Got a 5.6 which they described as "on the cusp." Unnamed but probably male. Discusses a lot of interesting myths and rumors about the FS and the FSOE.
  1. FSOT's page on the PNQs.
  2. Example PNQ essays The PNQ answers that got Valdysses past the QEP and into the OAs.
  3. PNQ and QEP under the microscope – An in-depth discussion of the QEP.
  4. Scores and Rank Valdysses' insightful post on a timeline of his test-taking and passing, as well as scores, notes, and Register rank. Note the tremendous rise in Register position after passing the Turkish test. Very good to compare yourself with him.
  5. How I passed the FSOA (series) – Very interesting series of posts that detail how Tumbleweeds raised their 4.6 to a 5.6.

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